Say GOODBYE to the “Fuzzy Stick”!



The APPLIQUATOR is a revolutionary engineered device for applying dental gels and liquids, designed to release the precise dose every time!






The Problem? Fuzzy sticks are made with glue that dissolves and fibers that shed, contaminating restorations sites and bonding agents.



APPLIQUATOR Dental Application Flexible Devic

The SOLUTION! The APPLIQUATOR is German-engineered with medical grade materials that pick up, hold and release a precise dose every time!

LP_BarThe best precision-dosing tool available on the market today!LP_Bar


APPLIQUATOR sizes and stiffness chart

√ Flexible, fits easily into irregular or tight spots.

√ Soft pliable head stands up to the harshest of chemicals.

√ Non-Shedding – Will Not contaminate the bonding material.


√ Efficient Capillary canals transfer the precise dose…every time!

√ Two Sizes – Two Softnesses

√ Just $32.95 MSRP


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